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Lasik Louisville and Lexington KY based eye specialists provide vital medical services to a certain fraction of the population who suffer from myopia or hyperopia. These two seemingly unserious yet brutal eye conditions are often downplayed, but if left untreated, they could lead to several sight-threatening risks such as glaucoma(a condition characterized by increased pressure within the eyeball, causing gradual loss of sight). Other potential vision-threatening risks include cataract ( an eye condition in which the lens of the eye becomes progressively opaque, paving the way for blurred vision), retinal tears( caused by eye injury, diabetes or sagging vitreous, putting the sufferer at the risk of retinal detachment and loss of sight, eventually) as well as myopic macular degeneration(brought about by extreme elongation of the eyeball, which can lead to tears in the macula not to mention bleeding beneath the retina, putting the patient at the risk of losing sight)

Eye Condition Statistics

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, more than 34 million Americans who are middle-age and above suffer from myopia. Nonetheless, more than 2.7 million of this US population segment have glaucoma. Additionally, almost 2.1 million Americans of the ages of between 50 years old and above struggle with macular degeneration, another sight-threatening condition caused by myopia or hyperopia.

As you can see, the consequences of myopia and hyperopia affect millions of Americans. What's more, other statistics suggest that the cases of these sight-threatening problems are on the rise and that 30 years from now, a total of almost 5 billion, people in the world will be myopic, according to a journal published by Popular Science.

An Overview of the LASIK Eye Correction Procedure

Before you consider seeking a lasik Lexington KY based procedure for eye correction, you obviously want to understand what this surgery is all about. To that end, LASIK is simply an acronym for "Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis." This eye correction surgery changes the shape of the cornea(the clear covering of the front of the eye) permanently, using a specialized laser known as an "Excimer Laser." It is the best method to correct myopia and hyperopia, thereby averting a number of potential sight-threatening conditions including the above.

Why You Should See a Good Lasik KY based Specialist Immediately as a Myopia or Hyperopia Patient

As human beings, we tend to procrastinate until it's way too late. Sometimes we do so due to valid reasons such as lack of funds needed to do something. Other times, we just want to avoid the slight inconvenience that comes with doing that particular thing.

If you have an eye condition that requires laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis surgery, it's highly imperative that you see a qualified LASIK specialist in town immediately. That's because there are higher chances of success in treating the condition early as opposed to doing so late. Secondly, a LASIK procedure to correct an early-stage eye problem that has not yet become much serious will cost you less than the other way round. Thirdly, you'll require just minimal surgery hence heal and recover faster unlike when you seek help way too late forcing the doctor to perform an extensive surgery that takes longer to heal and recover from.

Studies suggest that sight-threatening problems such as the above are on the rise globally. As a result, doctors predict that in the next 30 years to come, almost 5 billion people in the world will be affected by myopia, an eye condition that requires LASIK surgery correct. Don't lose your sight simply because you downplayed this condition, seek laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis surgery from a good LASIK Louisville KY specialist today.


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Benefits Of LASIK Surgery In Lousiville, Lexington, KY

1.  LASIK is safe and painless. Unlike other surgeries, you will feel nothing during and after the surgery.

2.  LASIK improves vision immediately after surgery. According to statistics, almost 95 percent of patients who undergo the surgery have their visions improve to 20/40 or better. 85 percent return to 20/20 vision.

3.  Almost instant recovery as witnessed in most cases where stitches or bandages are not required after surgery with patients having the ability to resume their normal schedule as quickly as 24 hours.

4.  Only one follow-up may be necessary after surgery and that's if eyesight changes slightly because the initial correction was not sufficient or of age. The procedure may take some time to adjust your vision with permanent results, even though the eye prescription can still change over time. Further adjustments can be made many years after the surgery to correct vision if it has shifted

5.  You might not need to wear those uncomfortable glasses again as most patients no longer need to put on their glasses after LASIK.

6.  LASIK is cost-saving in the long-run as it eliminates the need to wear glasses, allowing patients to not update their glass lenses or contact lenses.

LASIK Eye Surgery Lousiville KY 

LASIK is a common type of refractive surgery performed to reshape the cornea. The goal of this widely sought-after eye-care procedure is to improve a patient's vision. For those without a clue as to what LASIK and/or cornea are; the former is the acronym for the words "Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis" whereas the latter is simply the transparent layer forming the front of the eye.

Nonetheless, the refractive surgical procedure entails the creation of a thin flap in the cornea, followed by the use of an excimer laser to reshape the underlying corneal tissue. It's worth noting that, it can correct astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness or other similar visual problems effectively.

It goes without saying that LASIK is quite popular out there, with many cities and towns being home to endless clinics providing laser-assisted in situ-keratomileusis services. That's because this refractive surgery has a high success rate with approximately 99% of the patients achieving better visions after surgery.

The Ideal LASIK Candidates

It is worth noting that LASIK is recommended to only certain categories of patients with eye problems. The ideal patients are those who;

  • are 18 years old and above.
  • have had a stable vision for at least 1 year.
  • without conditions that may jeopardize the healing process like diabetic eye diseases or autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.
  • are farsighted(up to +4.00 diopters), nearsighted(up to -9.00 diopters) or having an astigmatism (up to -5.00 diopters).
  • have healthy eyes without retinal or ocular disorders that may force your eye-care specialist to contraindicate the procedure due to potential harm that those disorders may cause the patient after the procedure.
  • are fully aware of the benefits, risks as well as alternatives to the treatment.
  • are not pregnant or breastfeeding as these factors can adversely affect the treatment results.

As such, it's imperative that you disclose your medical history and other factors you think might affect the results to your doctor when you visit Louisville LASIK eye surgery clinic.

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LASIK In Louisville, Lexington KY - Top 5 Crucial Things to Keep In Mind before LASIK Surgery

LASIK is a highly effective vision corrective surgery that can help correct various problems such as astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia as well as presbyopia. This laser surgery is relatively safe and quick, normally lasting just a couple of minutes. While it has helped improve the visions of millions of people around the globe, there are a few things to keep in mind beforehand.

1. LASIK Should be the Last Option for Persons with Certain Conditions

Some conditions including diabetes, HIV & Aids, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus may affect wound healing after the surgery. Similarly, specific drugs and medications like steroids as well as retinoic acid may hinder proper healing following the procedure. With that in mind, LASIK should be your last option if you have any of these conditions or use any of the drugs and medication.

2. Discuss with Your Doctor If You Have a History Of Any Of The Following Conditions or Circumstances

The safety and effectiveness of LASIK are unclear in persons with some conditions. These conditions include ocular hypertension, glaucoma, glaucoma suspect, and herpes zoster or herpes simplex(involving the eye area). Other conditions are keratoconus and eye diseases like iritis/uveitis(eye inflammations). Some of the circumstances that can hinder the effectiveness of this refractive procedure include previous eye surgeries or eye injuries. Be sure to consult your doctor before seeking LASIK if you have a history of any of the above conditions or circumstances.

3. LASIK Does Not Go Hand in Hand with Contact Sports

Do you actively participate in a contact sport or activity entailing blows to the face and eyes? If so, you'll need to put that sport or activity on hold for a few days or even weeks until you heal fully, after LASIK. That means you'll need to reorganize your lifestyle well in advance before going for this refractive procedure.

4. LASIK is Only for Persons above 18 Years Old

You'll not be able to receive LASIK if you are not 18 years and above in many parts of the world including the US. The reason being persons under 18 still have their eyes developing and because of that, refractive surgery isn't for them. Otherwise, ff they receive it while their eyes continue to develop, that can lead to unexpected results.

5. LASIK Risk Factors

Just like other medical procedures, LASIK has a few risk factors including;

  • Thin corneas---LASIK may change the eye’s focusing power by reshaping the cornea(the thin clear covering of the eye that is over the iris). Performing this refractive procedure on a cornea that's too thin may lead to blinding complications.
  • Previous refractive surgeries e.g radial keratotomy( a type of surgery to correct nearsightedness) and photorefractive keratectomy( a type of surgery to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism) besides LASIK---LASIK may not be recommended if you have had other types of refractive surgeries like the above done in the past. If you have to go for this refractive surgery no matter what, be sure to consult your doctor first.
  • Blepharitis---this is an eye condition characterized by the inflammation of the eyelids and crusting of the eyelashes. Receiving LASIK despite having this condition may increase the risk of infection or inflammation of the cornea after the procedure.
  • Dry eyes---LASIK may aggravate this condition

LASIK can be an effective remedy for many different types of refractive errors that vision problems such as astigmatism nearsightedness, and farsightedness can cause. While this procedure is safe and has helped millions of people around the world, patients who intend to go for it should keep a few things about it as explained above in mind. With that said, good luck if you are going for LASIK soon.


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No more eyeglasses, yay! I been wearing glasses since I was in grade school.  I had 450 grade astigmatism on both eyes. Tnhis is inconvenient especially at work where I can’t always wear my glasses.
But now after the LASIK surgery, I could see clearly without any glasses! I now have a 20/20 vision!

Alice Tinkerton

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I underwent LASIK at Louisville here and it proven to be life-changing.  From a grade of almost 300, I now have a 20/12 vision. Yes, that's right, 20/12! It's amazing.  I couldn’t be happier with my new found vision. Now, I don’t have to wear glasses anymore.

Cameron Alastair

Any Good LASIK Alternative?

All hope is not lost if you are not a suitable candidate for LASIK due to one reason or another.

Photorefractive keratectomy or clear lens extraction may be performed to help correct your vision problem if LASIK, unfortunately, isn't an option.

Photorefractive Keratectomy

Photorefractive Keratectomy(PRK) is a perfect LASIK alternative for patients with corneas that are too flat or thin to be improved by LASIK. Patients with generally abnormal corneas can also benefit from this surgery that entails the use of an excimer laser to reshape the inner corneal tissue. Nonetheless, it doesn't require needles or incisions, not to mention that no flap is created, during the surgery.

After the surgery, most patients normally regain their vision fully, such that they are able to return to work or drive, in 5 to 7 days.

Clear Lens Extraction

Clear lens extraction, on the other hand, is all about replacing the natural lens of a patient's eye with an intraocular lens(IOL). Also known as "refractive lens exchange(RLE), " this surgical procedure corrects vision problems similar to those corrected by LASIK.

It's however important to note that during surgery, the patient will lose what we call "accommodation", in other words, the natural focusing ability of their eye. Therefore, one should be prepared to have a multifocal lens implanted to be able to see up close, after the procedure.

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LASIK is a safe and painless refractive surgery that corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. This procedure works fast and the patient is able to recover fully in about 6 months. 

However, despite the several weeks needed for a complete recovery, a person who has undergone the procedure can resume driving or work within 5 to 7 days.

Even though LASIK isn't meant for everyone, the good news is that there are other alternative treatments available. For example, patients unsuitable for it can alternatively go for Photorefractive Keratectomy(PRK) or Clear Lens Extraction. Both alternatives are effective and painless with short recovery periods. Having said that, it's time to have your Louisville LASIK eye surgery specialist correct your eyesight.

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